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About us

Amarea Travel

We are an expert team of travel designers, dedicated to deliver the highest-class service.

All our programs are carefully tailored with the aim to provide absolutely the best experience for our clients. Our unique ideas, local knowledge and local contacts ensure our custom-made programs are delivered exactly as required, meaning that you´ll experience and discover Croatia in a totally unexpected way.

We offer bespoke private tours for individuals, couples or groups which can combine elements of our own itineraries along with places and locations you might have seen or heard about.

Give our friendly local experts a call or send an email to take your first steps towards a Croatia unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Don’t forget, we do not create just travel programs, we create memories!

Looking for your perfect holiday? Planing to surprise a loved one? Talk to us and let us help you turn those dreams into a reality – its already closer than you think.